A New Composer Is Coming Soon

Jun 19, 2012

Hi! My name's Lou and I'm the newest member of the Product Team here at Digital Services, specializing in online audio and programming.  Composer, our program schedule and playlist building tool, is currently being rebuilt from the ground up.  As the product manager for the Composer rebuild, I wanted to share with you some details about what we're doing, when you can see it and how you can help.

Why are we rebuilding Composer?

The current version of Composer makes it difficult, and in some cases impossible, for stations to enter the schedule and playlist info needed to truly engage digital listeners.  Our primary goal for the new Composer is to make creating schedules and playlists as simple and efficient as possible.

Thanks to new technology like smart phones, radio is going everywhere.  Stations with more complete data about what's playing on their streams will be in a better position to engage digital listeners.  For example, digital listeners expect to be one click away from buying the song that's playing.  In order to support audio players that can do that, we need information about the songs being played.  

Schedules and playlists aren't just used for audio players.  That data is increasingly being used for mobile apps, websites and connected cars.  Ideally you should only have to enter data once for it to be available in all of those places.


We will start alpha testing the new Composer with a few stations this summer with plans for a broader release this  fall.  We're starting with stations who use Composer to manage their program schedule and will be expanding to music stations that use Composer to build playlists as the summer progresses.

Have ideas or suggestions about the new Composer?  We'd love to hear your thoughts.  We need your experience and input to build a better solution.  

We're currently looking for stations willing to be a part of our alpha test who meet these requirements:

  • Experience using Composer for schedules and/or playlists.
  • Willing to start using the alpha version of Composer in place of the existing Composer.
  • Ready to tell us what you like and don't like about alpha Composer.
  • Excited to be a partner of the Composer Team at Digital Services that can learn with us and help us build a better Composer.
  • Stations must have a signed MSA to participate in the alpha test.

Contact us here if you're interested or have any questions.  Stay tuned for updates on our progress as the alpha test gets under way.