New Content Editor Coming to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Jul 7, 2016

Improved interface for creating and sending emails

Later this year, a new content editor will appear in your Email Studio area of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. In beta for over a year, NPR has begun testing the Content Builder with some of our own internal groups and we’re excited by many of the new improvements detailed below.

Improved user interface

In the new Content Builder, all of your email assets (templates, emails, images) will be in one searchable area. You can still organize in folders but it’s easier to see, organize and search for all content in one screen.

In the new Content Builder all assets are stored in one central location.

Updated content blocks

In the classic editor content blocks, we defined styles (e.g. bold, font sizes, etc) for the NPRDS content blocks that enable stations to easily create newsletters and emails. However, the classic editor would sometimes lose these styles when you edited content. In the new Content Builder, content block styles stay in place when you edit the content -- look for updated NPRDS email templates to copy and use in the new Content Builder.

Also, a big improvement in content blocks is that images added to a content block will automatically resize for mobile!

Drag & Drop Buttons

It seems so simple, yet this may be the most exciting update of them all. Salesforce created a drag and drop call to action button that you can add to any content block. Rather than spend time creating buttons for your newsletters, or heading into the HTML to customize the button built into the NPR DS template, you will be able to simply drag a button into a content block after customizing via a simple WYSIWYG interface.

Drag and drop button editor.

Single, updated send wizard

When you’re ready to send your email, you will no longer need to decide if it’s a guided send, test send, etc. Within the email content builder, you can easily choose to send a test send or to your data extensions -- no more complex send wizards.

Streamlined send process available in the new SMC Content Builder.

Subject line emoji

Who doesn’t love a good emoji? With the new interface you will be able to add an emoji in your subject line that can help your emails stand out in different email clients.