New Features in CP: Layout Options in the RWD, More Analytics for All Themes

Nov 10, 2014

Core Publisher Update

Here's a quick update on the Core Publisher team's focus and information about a few changes we pushed this week in both the Responsive Design and in all Core Publisher themes.

Responsive Theme Updates:  

  • We added permissions and a short cut to the “site wide message” admin page for station admins and editors. 
  • We added the ability to link your logo to a different site (important for sites that use CP as a news blog, for example). 
  • We added the ability to edit donate copy and link on a new page called “Configure Corepublisher.” You can get to this page from your shortcuts. 
  • The homepage layout manager preview now works with the responsive theme. Visit to see great stuff being done with the responsive homepage blocks. 
  • For improved ADA compliance we added more alt text (when not added by content producers) and a “skip to content” link for screen readers.

All Themes Updates:  

  • We updated the “image library” used by all Core Publisher themes. The new tool supports much more vibrant colors. 
  • We are now supporting additional analytics in Core Publisher: word count, publish date, API id (and if content is a music live event), PMP GUID.
  • We created the first iteration of a page where stations can manage many of their site settings. On that page you will find an admin where you can submit a default image for social sharing on posts with no primary image. 

Thank you!

Janeen Williamson