New in Quick Pledge: Resend Pledge Transaction Email

Dec 15, 2010

Lost your encrypted batch file? Missing a recent pledge transaction email? You can now resend that.

We created a handy new Pledge Delivery Manager tool that lets you resend a daily batch file or individual pledge transaction to the dedicated pledge email address.  (NOTE: This is different from the non-secure pledge notification email.)

As you know, the encrypted pledge files are sent to your dedicated pledge email address automatically, but occasionally, one might go missing. Now, you can easily resend that file to yourself.

Send Early on the Same Day: If you receive a daily batch file, you can also use this tool to receive transactions early, e.g. so you can start processing Dec 31st transactions on Dec 31st, instead of waiting until next year for the batch file to arrive.

Individual Pledge: If you currently receive separate real-time encrypted email, you can also use this tool toresend an individual pledge transaction based on the Pledge ID.

To access this new feature:

  • Log into your Quick Pledge Administrative Tools
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Index page to the Administrative section
  • Click on Pledge Delivery Manager
  • Enter Date or Pledge ID