Now launching: New StationConnect logic for more consistent branding and workflow improvements

Dec 7, 2016

As we’ve worked to develop and improve Member Station presence across all NPR platforms, two important considerations have guided our decision-making: what value will this have for both stations and end users, and what impact will it have on station workflow?

Today, we’re launching new logic in StationConnect designed to make your workflow much more efficient, ease the burden of updates, present your brand more consistently, and further foster strong relationships between your listeners and your station.

First, a quick refresher on the goal and features of the StationConnect product, a web portal that feeds your content and branding to all NPR platforms.

Updating and maintaining station listings in StationConnect is a vital task, but to date has been potentially burdensome for those of you that operate station networks. In those instances, each station in the network has individual listings to maintain, potentially requiring the replication of information and updates many times over.

Stations within a network will now be grouped together in StationConnect. For those stations that use the network's branding and content, there will be one button to consistently link your station to network branding. If you have a station you’d like to exclude from network branding, you can unlink any station at any time by clicking the “Off” button. 

This is a solution designed to similarly echo the logic and power of a network approach to broadcast, translating your range digitally and automatically. Linking stations in your network means more localized listeners connecting more consistently with your station.

We hope that for network stations, it provides a quicker, easier and more efficient way to update and maintain your station information.

For a PDF checklist of what data you should be confirming in StationConnect, click here.

For questions on this migration, and to see the feature in action, see our StationConnect Knowledge Base articles.