NPR One Analytics Dashboard Launches

Oct 2, 2014

New NPR One dashboard

From the start, the local/national partnership that is NPR One has been about experimentation and learning based on data. So we're delighted to announce the launch of a new dashboard that provides each station with data on how its audience is using this new platform, so we can all learn together.

The new dashboard, part of the Station Analytics System, is focused on answering three key questions:

  • How many unique users are connected to your station in the NPR One app? You can see how your audience reach in the app is trending since launch and compare it to the average station.
  • How much time is your average user listening in the app over the course of a week or month? How engaged are they?
  • What content is most engaging to your users? What stories, local and national, are most played for your audience, and which ones are getting the most clicks on Interesting, Share, and Skip?

These were the top questions we heard from stations that we interviewed and surveyed. Like everything we do, we listened to your requests to help us prioritize what to build first. For now, you'll see a dashboard with the first two questions answered for your station. We're working on the content report, which should go live in the next few weeks.

After that, we have lots of ideas about what to add to the dashboard. Top station requests so far include donation clicks, total listening time, sessions per user, and time per session. Please let us know what's important to you. (Keep in mind that these dashboards will include aggregated behavioral data only. No personally identifiable data.)

Two things to keep in mind as you look at your data:

  • Apps are fundamentally different than websites. Many people will download it, check it out once, and that's it, so when apps launch, you'll typically see a big spike of usage that drops off. Unlike websites, there isn't a regular influx of new users from search and social media, so marketing becomes more important to acquire new audience. (We're working with our station advisors in the coming weeks to nail down our marketing plan.)
  • Clicks on Interesting or Skip can say a lot about what content is most engaging, but don't take it as the ultimate truth. After all, some users might skip a fantastic story because they already heard it on the radio. Also, for smaller stations,  your audience in NPR One might be small, so be careful about drawing big conclusions about content effectiveness.

Happy dashboarding!