NPR One Release Notes 9/12/14

Sep 12, 2014

We’re very excited to report that we have released several updates to NPR One since our Soft Launch in July.  Below is a detailed list of new features you will be seeing in the app & StationConnect as of today:


  • Chromecast released 8.26.2014 
  • New builds are rolling out this week for Android v1.1.1.5 and iOS v1.1.1
  • Expanded Content/Suggestions Search - Highly requested enhancement, using the search icon will now allow you to search for more generic keyword terms. 


  • Auto-Localization Improvements - FIXED
    • Modified the auotlocalization endpoint to work much more like how the homepage works.
  • Login Issue - FIXED
    • Fixed a major issue with logins needing to re-login every new session on iOS.
  • Newscast Issue - FIXED
    • Fixed an issue where out of date newscasts were being played for some stations.
  • Resume Issue - FIXED
    • Android wasn’t starting new sessions often enough and iOS was starting them too much. Added a better UX for starting a new session or resuming where a user left off. This will be present in the new builds this week.
  • Data Usage Issue - FIXED
    • After selecting a podcast from search or the suggestions section, we will no longer keep that user in the ‘recommended’ long format channel. Analytics suggest most people aren’t listening past the one podcast story they chose. This should dramatically decrease the pre-buffering needed to line up the podcast content, which will decrease the amount of data bandwidth used per session.


  • Network Connection for NPR One Section
    • Added logic to gather fields for networks that have repeaters/parent/sibling relationships. Stations can now enter a Large logo, Short Display Name, Station Hello Audio, and Sonic IDs once in the network level account and they will propagate out to the rest of the network.
  • Usability and Helper Text Improvements
    • Added quick links to support documentation for each section including the upload dialog boxes.
    •  Redesigned and simplified the logo and audio upload workflows by reducing the number of buttons and providing relevant help text.
    • Added prompt to save before leaving the page so changes aren't lost.


  • Content Flow Testing
    • We set up the ability to test different flows for A/B experiments with day parts. Our first test will be to explore a weekend flow, designed to respond to the user behavior we have seen over the last few weeks. We plan to start a weekend flow test this weekend.
    • Stay tuned for more from the editorial/content team in the coming weeks.

NPR One SUPPORT Find out how you can get your content into NPR One by visiting our NPR One Support Guide.  Or, feel free to contact us via email at with any questions you may have. 

Thank you,

Janeen Williamson