NPR Stations Emerge in Top 20 List of Streamers

Jul 31, 2012

We've always known that public radio is a force to be reckoned with over the airwaves. Now it's becoming clear to everyone that we are a major player in online streaming as well.

Every month, Triton Digital releases its Top 20 Ranker, which is an MRC-accredited list of the top-performing Internet audio stations and networks in the US as measured by its webcast metrics service. We're happy to announce that NPR member stations appear as #19 for June, with over 7,000 average active sessions across 88 stations being tracked. (View the entire list.) This is a big deal, because the Triton Top 20 Ranker is like the New York Times Best Seller List of Internet audio.

Why is being on this list important? One word: revenue. Whether you're going after local or national underwriting opportunities, accurate measurement is a critical step to better monetizing your streams. Our status on this list communicates our reach and impact to potential underwriters and the industry at large, and places the public radio system firmly in the spotlight.

This is just the beginning of our ascent up the charts. Only one-third of NPR member stations are currently tracked in Triton. Imagine how far up the list we'll be when the entire system is represented. We'll most certainly hit the top 5 if we all work together to track our streams.

If you're not yet part of this NPR Member Stations rollup account in Triton, contact us and we can help set you up as part of our Analytics Service. Let's show everyone just how many streamers love public radio. Let's see how high we can go.