Online Donations on the Rise in 2010

Jan 10, 2011

An article by Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that online giving grew considerably in 2010, especially for year-end giving. They provide results from three large organizations that handle online gifts for non profits, and their numbers show an increase in online giving amounts in 2010 ranging from 10% to whooping 40% over 2009.

How did our Quick Pledge stations fare in comparison? I pulled some stats to see: 

  • Comparing 2010 to 2009: Quick Pledge stations brought in $23.2 Million in revenue in approx. 230,000 transactions. That’s an increase of 12% over previous year!
  • Narrowing down to just year-end giving: In December alone, Quick Pledge stations brought in $2.7 Million in 23,000 transactions. That’s a 14% increase over December 2009!
  • Quick Pledge donors were also more generous with their year-end giving amounts. While the average pledge amount for the year was $101, for December donations it topped out at $117.

Read the full Chronicle of Philanthropy article.