A Peek Inside Catie Talarski's Digital Life

Apr 23, 2014

Credit Johnathon Henninger

People involved in public media share how they wade through the digital news deluge. This month we spoke with Catie Talarski. Catie is Executive Producer at WNPR, focusing on original WNPR programs, working to develop new concepts, live events and content strategies. Catie also recently started the Public Radio Local Talk Producers Facebook Group, a resource for producers to share information, guests, ideas, best practices and more. Join her.

Three daily must-reads
Much of my daily reading comes from things that jump out at me from my Twitter feed, so it’s hard to narrow it down. But I’d say my daily list always includes the Hartford Courant, New York Times, and Slate.

Three podcasts you listen to regularly/just discovered?
There’s a wonderful book podcast called Literary Disco, “Where Books Come to Dance." I’m working with a fantastic group of students on a podcast/show called Blue Mic Radio. (Why aren’t there more youth-produced podcasts?!) And, to be on the lookout for: WNYC’s Anna Sale has a new podcast starting May 7 called Death Sex & Money. Can’t go wrong. Bookmark it. 

There are SO many podcasts to listen to/catch up on, and I sometimes get overwhelmed with where to start (and then I go do something else). I did find a new app called Swell that is sort of like Pandora for “podcasts” - a constant shuffle. It seems promising, but I’d like it to rotate in some more obscure audio.

Three people you follow (online) regularly
Studio 360’s Facebook feed is an incredible curation of art and oddities. For instance, they recently featured Century-Old Photographs of Adorable Cats and Dogs!!!

I am in awe of Gene Demby from NPR’s Code Switch. He’s a Twitter master. I think Code Switch is one of the best things coming out of NPR right now, and he is great at interacting with his audience and covering/facilitating really important issues around race.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, because c’mon.

Three guilty pleasures online
Retronaut: The Photographic Time Machine. From photos of Antarctic explorers to weird circus performers and anything else you can image. Hours of archival fun.

Zillow, the online real estate site. I’d like to say I have my finger on the pulse of the greater Hartford real estate market. But mostly, I like to peek inside beautiful old homes.

AstrologyZone. Whether you buy into these things or not, Susan Miller provides an entertaining monthly read.

First thing you check in the morning
Twitter feed. Instagram feed. Email. Repeat.  

Last thing you check at night
The internet to cheat on my crossword puzzle. And then while I’m there, I might as well check Twitter.  

Favorite news consumption time saver
Tweetdeck. It is like command central - both my personal and work Twitter feeds. Six columns of dizzying, distracting, delicious content.

Go-to local news source
Hartford Courant, New Haven Independent, CTCapitolReport, WNPR, CT Mirror, CTNewsjunkie, and local Twitter folks.  

Your most used mobile reporting tool or app
We have had mixed success with the TieLine Report-IT  app, but in theory it’s great. Our guest wouldn’t have to go to a studio, they could join us via phone on a much improved line. But it drops, often. Not ideal for live radio. I’m also a big fan of Soundcloud. Easy recording and uploading.

Words of wisdom for your fellow shows/stations as they go forward with their digital efforts?
Experiment, fail, try again, and when you figure out what works (or doesn’t work) post what you learn on the Public Radio Local Talk Producers Facebook page. Most of us are stretched and overworked, and sometimes creating an enhanced digital presence or extra web content is not a priority. I think if we share what works for each of us, we might be able to borrow or replicate or be inspired by each other