A Peek Inside Lizzy Duffy's Digital Life

Aug 27, 2014

Credit John Rossman/OPB

People involved in public media share how they wade through the digital news deluge. Find past Digital Life features here.

This month we spoke with Lizzy Duffy, OPB’s news blogger. The OPB News Blog covers current events, trends and quirky stories unique to Oregon and the Northwest.

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Three daily must-reads: 
1. All of the local news sites to figure out the big stories for my first news round up post on OPB News Blog. I also find some nuggets to write about later.

2. Links I would gchat you if we were friends, an e-letter from the Washington Post’s Caitlin Dewey. It’s funny and points to a lot of great Internet that I may have missed throughout the day.

3. Feedly, because it’s Feedly.

Three people you follow (online) regularly: 

Three guilty pleasures online:

  • I don’t mean to, but I always end up on Gawker.
  • I spend too much of my free time on lifestyle blogs.
  • I love all of the lists, and as we all know BuzzFeed is the master of a good list.

First thing you check in the morning: 
The time, email, Instagram, Feedly, Twitter

Last thing you check at night: 
Email, Instagram and maybe Twitter.

Favorite news consumption time saver: 
Have I mentioned Feedly enough? Tweetdeck is another favorite. I have seven to eight columns going at a given time with my home feed, activity and searches. I’m usually the one in the newsroom laughing about a new hashtag or piping up about breaking news thanks to my many columns.

Go-to local news source:
The Oregonian, Willamette Week

Words of wisdom for your fellow shows/stations as they go forward with their digital efforts:

No one knows exactly where digital storytelling is headed and things are changing everyday. Stay informed about new tools, experiment and expect failures. Not that you’ll fail every time, but you have to know when to walk away. And when you succeed, share what you learned with the newsroom — maybe there’s a follow up story or a question that needs to be answered.

Also, listen to your audience: Are people discussing certain topics, are they clicking through, are they sharing? I think a good rule of thumb is to think about how your family and friends would respond.