A Peek Inside PJ Vogt's Digital Life

May 22, 2014

Credit Lori Vogt

People involved in public media share how they wade through the digital news deluge. This month we spoke with PJ Vogt. Vogt is the co-creator of TLDR, a WNYC podcast about the internet, and a producer for On The Media. Subscribe to TLDR here and read on for more on how Vogt manages his digital life.

Three daily must-reads
I still get my best sense of what's going on every morning from Twitter. A lot of times it's like stepping into a conversation midway through, which I actually don't mind. Also, Metafilter, Kottke, and reddit. Also Today in Tabs, which is a daily newsletter from Rusty Foster that rounds up the worst (and best) of the internet. It's invaluable and smart and fun to read. 

Three podcasts you listen to regularly/just discovered?
I really like comedy podcasts. Listening to something that's VERY long, unedited, and gleeful is a vacation from what we do at TLDR. My co-host Alex and I both love Comedy Bang Bang!, You Made it Weird, and and The Pod F. Tompkast

Three people you follow (online) regularly
Linda Holmes. She writes NPR's Monkey See blog. It's about pop culture, but really I think she writes about whatever she wants and she is just so damn good.

Paul Ford, who the entire staff of OTM (justly) reveres. He writes about tech stuff from the perspective of someone who actually understands the guts and bones of the internet. 

Maureen O'Connor. She writes very great essays about dating and digital life with alarming consistency

Three accounts you'd pay to follow on Twitter
Ayesha Siddiqi is sharp and funny on pop culture and the internet and race and gender and also life. 

Katie Notopolous, who writes like a very funny anthropologist of the deepest and weirdest internet. 

Nathan Jurgenson, a social media theorist who works as an in-house academic at Snapchat (!?). He has a million interesting ideas, and he's also just fun to read in a way that academics usually aren't.

Three guilty pleasures online
Videogum, which was a very funny pop culture blog that died. RIP. A message board called The Unified Scene, which is about the only band in the world that I like, the Hold Steady. And Facebook. 

Go-to local news source
WNYC.org! Also WNYC's twitter account, which is so perfect. Julie Whitaker runs it and she sounds just like how our radio station ought to sound, which is such a hard trick. Also, The Times, and New York, and Gawker, and Gothamist, and Brownstoner, and the Twitter accounts of great local reporters and local municipal organizations.  

Your most used mobile reporting tool or app
Pocket! If you are the kind of person who emails links to yourself, stop emailing links to yourself and get Pocket instead. 

Words of wisdom for your fellow shows/stations as they go forward with their digital efforts
I think stations ought to give young producers a place where they can try stuff out and experiment.  Also, people are sometimes too scared about what'll happen if they pay attention to traffic or analytics. I think they're great insofar as they can help you justify the kind of work that you want to try to do, and prove that there's an audience for it.