PMDMC Session Recap: Why Have A Web Site?

Jul 15, 2014

If you missed PMDMC, now is your chance to listen to a great discussion about what is important about or why stations should have a web site. For me, this was about opening a discussion around the purpose, service, and goals around web sites as a piece within a digital strategy. Reinforcing the need to use audience data and behavior to inform where and how to invest into developing a web site. It was a pleasure to be on this panel with Kevin, Alex and Karen, and I wanted to say thank you to Greater Media for including me.

Session Summary:

As public media stations become multi platform media organizations, we’ve focused on the building feature-rich websites at great cost and effort. But does any of that work matter? Are mobile platforms, social networks, and content distribution networks making your website irrelevant? This session will explore the future of the website and its place in your station’s overall digital and content strategy.


Kevin Dando - Senior Director of Digital Marketing and Communications, PBS Digital


Stephanie Miller - Director of Station Relations and Communications, NPR
Alex Schaffert-Callahan - Director of Digital Media, KPCC
Karen Mell - Director of Content, KCPT

Listen here: