PMP 'PUSH' Capability Now Available in Core Publisher

Mar 2, 2016

We're happy to announce the release of PMP Push capabilities inside of Core Publisher. Starting today, stations using Core Publisher have the ability to enable Push settings for PMP. Enabling this allows station users to choose, on a post by post basis, which stories they want to push up to the PMP.

This represents an exciting step in the integration of Core Publisher with the PMP. Stations have been able to pull content down for some time, but until now have not had an easy way to get Core Publisher content ingested into the PMP.

With the help of a number of stations that were willing to work with us through some of the early complexities, we're now able to support both PULL and PUSH to the PMP directly inside of Core Publisher. Our special thanks to the stations that proved invaluable feedback as we piloted this new feature:

  • WVXU
  • IJPR
  • WWNO
  • WFYI
  • Michigan Radio
  • KUOW
  • WUWM
  • KGOU
  • WOSU

Click here to review step by step instructions for enabling and using the new PMP Push capability in Core Publisher. 


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