Podcast Guide Part 1: How to Create and Add to a Podcast

Aug 6, 2014

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a way to deliver an episodic feed of audio files. You can subscribe to a podcast so it automatically updates when new audio arrives.

How to Create a Podcast:

The first step in creating a podcast in Core Publisher is adding audio files into the NPR API. 

Good news! It’s extremely easy to upload audio files to a post in Core Publisher. Click on the Audio icon when creating a new post and upload a new file from your computer or select a previously uploaded file from your library.

NOTE: Make sure that all audio is uploaded as an mp3 file no larger than 75Mb with a 44.1kHz sampling rate. All files must be either 64 kbps mono or 128 kbps joint stereo. Also, special characters and spaces are not allowed in filenames. Tag or label the post under a specific Program, Category, Person or Topic to make sure that it is included in that podcast feed.

Podcasts are automatically created for each Program, Category, Person, Tag and Topic that has posts with audio that is published into the NPR API. Once you have published a piece of audio under a new label you have created a feed. How easy is that?   

How to Add to a Podcast:

When you want to add another piece of audio to your feed simply use the same label (i.e. - Add the post to the category/tag/program being used for the feed) and add audio from your library or computer to the post. You don’t have to do anything more; if new audio is labeled under the correct Program, Category, Person, Tag or Topic it will automatically be added to that podcast. Even if you insert a piece of audio when you are editing a previously published post, Core Publisher will add it to the podcast. Remember, any piece of audio that is published and labeled correctly will automatically be added to that podcast feed.   

Questions? Please contact us for additional help.