Podcast Guide Part 2: How to Promote a Podcast

Aug 6, 2014

If you read Part 1 then you know that every piece of audio added to a post in Core Publisher will be included in at least one podcast. However, most stations are only interested in packaging and promoting a few select podcast streams for their listeners. With a few simple steps, you can learn how to promote certain podcasts at the forefront of your Core Publisher site.  

  • Find the Podcast & RSS Feeds block on the right rail of your home page ​  
  •  To view an entire list of all of your current podcast click View all Podcasts and RSS feeds
  • This list is also located at http://[your website URL]/rss
  •  To add a new podcast to this list click Edit Queue and Podcast and RSS Feeds
  • This page should be displayed:

  • To add a new podcast to podcast feed you will need to gather:
  1.  Title of your podcast
  2. Short description of your podcast (3-5 sentences) 
  3. Podcast and RSS links (Click  here to learn how to retrieve links)
  • Under Queue Settings, add a new row at the bottom of the page 

  • Click Rebuild
  • Paste the URLs for the RSS, Podcast (iTunes) and Another Player URL. When adding URLs, make sure to enter the complete URL beginning with http://, https:// or itpc://. It is not required to have a URL for each field.

** SHORTCUT: The links to the iTunes player and Another Player are actually different versions of the same link. The only difference is that the iTunes link begins with itpc:// and the other link begins with http://. If you want to save time just replace itpc:// with http:// and vice versa in the different fields. 

  • Enter the title of your podcast in the Title field. The title should be the title of the program, topic, or category affiliated with the audio
  • Add a text description of your podcast
  • Check the Enable checkbox to display your podcast on your podcast page

NOTE:  We recommend that you only choose to display podcasts that are manually added and not general category podcasts that can appear by default in your View All Podcasts and RSS feeds page.  A category podcast listing looks like this:

  •  Click Save Queue

​Questions? Please contact us for additional help.