Podcast Guide Part 3: How to Retrieve a Podcast Link

Aug 6, 2014

To retrieve the podcast and RSS links go to the Category, Tag or Program page on your site. This will ensure that you access only certain audio files and not all of your digital audio content. I will use the Talk of Iowa program on Iowa Public Radio as an example. 

  • Once you have found the corresponding page locate the Podcasts and RSS Feed block on your right rail. 
  • Click on the podcast icon in the block

  •   Two options will be displayed: Use iTunes and Use a Different Player

​To Find Link for iTunes Player:

  • Click Use iTunes
  • NOTE: It is common for most stations to use the iTunes player link as the primary URL for their podcast because listeners tend to prefer accessing podcasts via iTunes. 
  • You should see all of the audio files that are connected to the specific Program, Category, Person, Tag or Topic, displayed through an iTunes format

  • To retrieve the link Click + Press Command (for Mac users) or Right click (for PC users)
  • Select ' Copy iTunes URL'

  To Find Link for Another Player URL: 

  • Click the podcast icon in the block
  • Click Use Another Player
  • Click Copy Link Address 
  • NOTE: If you are using Chrome or Safari you will see XML code instead of the normal web page.  Copy the link from the address bar in your browser.

​Questions? Please contact us for additional help.