Podcast Guide Part 4: How to Customize a Podcast's Title, Logo, and Description

Aug 6, 2014

In our ever-evolving digital era, audience members  are  turning to podcasts as a way to connect with radio content. It is imperative that stations provide this alternative digital platform to their audience members, but why not take it a step further and distinguish your streams with creative, customized settings?   

Core Publisher is programmed to automatically display the title of the podcasts as [Station Reference Letters— Title of Program/ Category/ Topic] and the general station logo as the podcast logo. 

Though, it is possible to override these preset viewing settings and customize a podcast’s title, logo, and description if the podcast corresponds to specific a Program, Category or Topic. 

A few changes drastically differentiates how audience members view Iowa Public Radio's preset Being in Iowa podcast stream display and their customized Talk of the Town podcast display.

How to Customize a Program Podcast: 

  • Locate the Program page for the podcast that you are looking for
  • Select the Edit tab
  • Scroll to the Customize Station Podcasts for External Players section 

  • Insert preferred Podcast Title, Podcast Description, and Podcast Image
  • NOTE: For the image, JPG and PNG images only, 32 MB and 1200 x 1200 maximum
  • Click Save Program

​How to Customize a Category Podcast:

  • Select  Manage Categories on your dashboard
  • Click  Edit for the category that you want to customize  

  • Insert preferred Podcast Title, Podcast Description, and Podcast Image
  • Click  Save

Now you know how to set up a podcast stream, promote, and customize it! 

Questions? Please contact us for additional.