Project 1: Evaluate Your Show's Social Presence

May 14, 2012

Welcome, shows! This post will give an overview of the training and explain Project 1. 

Overview of training:

The goal of our first project is to start thinking about your show and how social media could be more incorporated into it. In an e-mail to myself and Ki Sung (, please answer these two sets of questions:

Part 2: Answer these questions about your show

1. Rate your show's use of social media (1=no use of social media  10=excellent use of social media) 

2. What do you like most about how your show is using social media?

3. What do you dislike?

4. Do you post to your show's Facebook page before/during/after the show airs/is taped?

5. Do you use Facebook comments on air?

6. Do you promote show web content on Twitter and/or Facebook?

7. What do you hope to achieve for your show by using social media more often?

8. What do you want to learn from this training?

9. How many Likes does your show's Facebook page have?

10. How many followers does your show's Twitter account have?

Part 1: Pick a show outside of your station that you think is using social media well. (suggestions, but feel free to find one different from these): On Point, This American Life, The Brian Lehrer Show, Fresh Air, KQED Forum)

1. What show did you pick?

2. In general, what do you like about this show's use of social media?

3. What surprised you about this show's use of social media?

4. Is there anything this show's doing that you could apply to your show?