Quick Pledge and PCI Compliance

Nov 9, 2010

The credit card industry is tightening their guidelines. The PCI (Payment Card Industry) now requires all organizations that process, store or transmit credit card information to be PCI compliant.

What does this mean for you as a station?

It means that if you store any credit card information for any length of time, whether in electronic format on your server or simply written on a piece of paper, you need to go through the certification process and become PCI compliant. The only way to avoid this is by not storing any credit card numbers in your systems, and Public Interactive can help you with this.

How we can help

Now is the perfect time to consider Quick Pledge with integrated real-time processing to eliminate the need to store credit card info. No credit card numbers are sent to you for processing – that’s online and phone orders, too – so your systems are less vulnerable.

Real-time processing not only ensures your compliance with the PCI regulations; it also:

  • Saves time – the payments are processed automatically, no need to enter or upload the transactions at a later date
  • Handles recurring payments automatically
  • Efficient: Processes payments right away, so you get your money faster

Public Interactive offers two PCI compliant processing options.

  1. Payflow Pro from Paypal is available at great discounted pricing with two models based on your transaction volume. All you need is an active internet merchant account to get started.
  2. Sage Payment Solutions is an option for stations using Team Approach, Memsys or Allegiance membership systems. We pass the Sage alias along with the pledge record in your daily batch file instead of the actual credit card number. You upload the data to your membership system linked up with Sage and process the transactions.

Quick Pledge is PCI compliant, and an authorized third party regularly scans our systems to ensure continued compliance.