Quick Pledge Data: Batch Files

Sep 29, 2011

Are you entering each of your pledges from Quick Pledge manually?

You have the option to receive pledge data in a consolidated in a daily batch file that you can import into your membership database or upload for processing, and we recommend this option.

With the secure encrypted batch files, the pledge data comes in once per day, allowing you to receive and process the day’s pledges all at once, rather than tracking and processing individual donations throughout the day. Batch pledges files are easier to import into your membership database as well, and can be formatted to match your membership database.

Data filters are available for:

  • Allegiance
  • Enterprise
  • Memsys
  • Scout
  • Team Approach
  • Custom formats and more

You can always get up-to-the-minute results with the real-time reporting tools in Quick Pledge and via the pledge email notification option so you keep track of your totals.