Quick Pledge Security Upgrades Webinar and FAQs

May 26, 2015


A recording of the 5/20/15 webinar outlining security upgrades coming to Quick Pledge is available online:

Webinar Slides (PDF)


Wednesday, May 27th

Deadline to provide your email & cell phone number before all Quick Pledge logins are re-set.

Contact us if you do not know where to submit this information.

Monday, June 1st

Quick Pledge account reset.  Your old Quick Pledge login will no longer work.  All users will need to reset their passwords.

The 2-step login  process will begin -  a code be sent to your cell phone which you will need to access your Quick Pledge account.

Batch File will no longer be sent via encrypted email - You will need to login to Quick Pledge to download your daily batch file.


Q: For the Pledge batch reports, will this affect how I import the pledge reports in to Memsys? Do I need to contact Memsys about these Qucikpledge batch report changes?

A: No. The batch report format will stay the same. The only change in Quick Pledge is how you retrieve those reports.

Q: Will we need to edit our pledge forms to turn batch emails off or will that be a global reset?

A: There will be a global reset. Batch files will no longer send once the update is made on 6/1.

Q: How do I set up to receive pledge notifications via email?

A: Log into Quick Pledge and go to the Pledge Form Manager. Click the edit link next to the form you want notifications from, then scroll down and click on the link labeled, “Pledge email notifications”

Q: How do we check our account information?

A: We don’t have an interface to display your user account information in. If you have questions about whether you’ve completed the form to have your account updated, or who currently has access to your account, submit a ticket and we’ll be happy to help.

Q:What is the phone number and email you need us to provide?

A: The email is the email address connected to your user account, and the phone number is the number we use to send a text message to give you access to the security code needed for your account.

Q: Does each person at our station who uses Quick Pledge will need to fill out the new account submission form?

A: Yes. Each user who will need to login to Quick Pledge will need an account. Each email address is the username on the account, which allows you login access to QP.

Submit the form in for each person who will need to access to QP, with that individual's email address and cell phone number.

Q: Is there an auto logout if a QuickPledge page remains idle for a specific amount of time?

A: Yes, if QP is idle for longer than 15 minutes, it will automatically log you out.

Q: Will Google Authenticator remember your configuration if you log in with a personal Google account? As in, if you reinstall the app on a different phone and log in with the same Google account, will it remember the settings?

A: No. The installs will be separate. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you use the same Google account, you’ll still have to install the app and configure it separately on each phone.

Q: What if we have a staff member who doesn't have a cell phone.

A: If the person who needs login access to QP does not have a smart phone, or a phone that can accept text messages, then please contact nprds and we will follow up with you on a case by case basis.

Q: If we're switching to the new "Marketing Forms" system, does this apply?

A: If you need to access QP form after June 1 for any reason, you will need to go through the 2 step verification process in order to login to QP, or you will not be able to access your QP form data.

If you fill out the form to have your account created now, it will make that process easier.

Q:Does this login procedure change apply to login for other NPRDS products such as Pulse?

A: No. This change is only for Quick Pledge

Q: What if you forget your cell phone at home, or the battery dies? Is there another way to authenticate?

A: You will not be able to login. The Google app can be configured to connect to more than one individual. If there are multiple people in the office, you can set up the app to connect to each others’ accounts to serve as a backup (if you feel comfortable sharing).

Here's how: You can go through the set up process for the Google Authenticator multiple times via the app on the same phone. First you would log into your Quick Pledge account and configure the Google Authenticator app on your phone for yourself, and then have your colleague log into Quick Pledge, and configure the same app on the same phone for the second person. That way, one app can receive the verification code for two people, and trusted colleagues could act as back-ups for each other

From Google: "Google Authenticator can issue codes for multiple accounts from the same smartphone. However, every Google Account needs a different secret key, which you will get by going through the setup process. Simply repeat the setup process for any additional accounts, using the same Google Authenticator app."

Q: Do you need to have a code texted every time you login or is the code saved with your email and password?

A: Yes, you will need to take these security code text message steps each time you login. You can set your browser to save your username and password, but the secure code that you have received as a text message is not saved. You will need to get a new security code texted to your cell phone each time you need to login.

Additional Questions? Contact Us.