Recent Advances in Core Publisher

Nov 10, 2011

Core Publisher, Digital Services' CMS platform, is evolving rapidly as we incorporate a wider range of audience-driving features and functionality. We began our construction back in June of 2010 with six pilot stations: KPLU, KUNC, Michigan Radio, KUT, St. Louis Public Radio, and Innovation Trail. By the end of this calendar year we plan to have most of the Public Interactive CMS customers migrated over to Core Publisher.  Thanks to the collaborative input of interested stations, we have been able to translate needs and concerns into three key areas of recent development that will allow us to address a wider range of member station needs in 2012.

Improved flexibility and site variability

We heard loud and clear that no one wants to look like a cookie-cutter website. Additionally, each station brings a unique blend of content and programming. To address these needs, we have developed a second visual treatment to offer choice in page styling. We are also in the process of introducing a modular home page layout editor. This major feature allows for stations to selectively choose and place content components on the page and present a unique and content-rich face to site visitors.

Better understanding of site and tool performance

In order to build a platform that positions stations to grow and engage audiences, we need to know what's working and what's not. We have begun implementing sweeping measurement tools into our product that track user behavior across and within sites, help us understand what features and content is working (and what isn't), and even understand how user behavior ties to online donation outcomes. We can then use this information to help us collectively put the right energy into the right areas.

Support for a variety of station types

Recent efforts have gone into supporting the needs of joint licensee stations by integrating with the PBS API, displaying multi-channel program schedules and streams, including TV schedules and showcasing cove video. Upcoming efforts include better addressing music station needs, delivering  content verticals/niches and supporting stations with a more robust news reporting capacity.

To learn more about all the exciting progress on our Core Publisher product, I would encourage you to contact us to sign up for a regularly scheduled full product walkthrough. Or, to get a window into all the features developed and the defects addressed, you can see all of our bi-weekly releases.