On Reddit, Stories Earn KCUR Record Traffic

Jun 7, 2012

The staff of KCUR is doing an admirable job of creating digital content that is clickable, shareable and valuable.

This week they demonstrated this with a couple of stories.

The first was from their weekly show KC Currents. During the show, Kansas City historian Monroe Dodd was interviewed about his new book, "Kansas Then and Now." Rather than throwing the audio online with a sentence or two, the interview was turned it into a fun, shareable web story.

Here's the post, by Suzanne Hogan and Susan B. WilsonPHOTOS: What Kansas Looked Like Then And What It Looks Like Now 

The story was posted to the Kansas City Reddit page and received lots of upvotes and comments. The story was also posted to KCUR's Facebook page where it continued to get attention.

On the same day, another KC Currents story was packaged and headlined in a way that earned it upvotes on Reddit and visitors to KCUR.org. This story, written by Sylvia Gross, is here: Everything You Need To Know About Kansas Redistricting.

The result on Tuesday:

  • Reddit was KCUR.org's top referrer.  
  • KCUR.org earned its biggest traffic day ever.

KCUR's digital efforts are led by Program Director Bill Anderson and Web Editor Emilie Mutert, who are working to develop KCUR.org into a destination for local news. To do this, they are emphasizing the importance of shaping radio stories for the web audience while also producing web-original stories.

Here are some top-performing examples of stories produced for the KCUR web audience:

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