Release Update: Fixes for Audio uploads, Analytics Dashboard, Composer 2 integration and More

Aug 8, 2013

Over the last few sprints we have made the following updates and fixes:

  • fixed Top Referrers in Analytics Dashboard
  • moved the Core Pub codebase to Git
  • updated "170 Million" block branding
  • added program list from Composer 2
  • moved everyone to the new audio upload process
  • fixed top banner alignment

See additional details below. 

Fixed Top Referrers

Just like previous Top Stories work, we are now talking to the most up-to-date version of the Google Analytics API for top referrer data. Top referrer data will now display reliably in the analytics dashboard. 

Core Publisher Code on Git

We successfully moved the Core Publisher code to Git (a version control and source management system). Over time, this will help us fine-tune better development, debugging, deployment, and code review processes.

Updated the "170 Million" Block

The branding for the 170 Million Americans campaign has changed to "Protect My Public Media." We have created a new block to reflect this change. If you would like this new block, which is a right rail 300x250 (ad sized) block, please submit a support ticket and we will enable it for you. 

Added Composer 2 Program List to Program Creation Page

You can now easily pull data (host, description, and program id) from Composer 2 onto your program pages, bringing the program pages to parity with functionality you are used to from Composer 1. 

New Audio Upload Process

Gone are the days of the so-called "failed Limelight" issues. The new audio process repeatedly tries to send audio to the servers until the audio successfully uploads.


The top banner (728x90) many stations use during pledge drive was misaligned to the left. It is now aligned to the center.