Reporting Syndicated Programming

Nov 17, 2011

Question: What to do if your station streams a syndicated program, particularly a music show, but that show is not listed as one of those that currently provides playlists directly to NPR Digital Services for SoundExchange reporting?

Answer: Two options:

1. Request the required playlist data directly from the producer and submit it to NPR Digital Services like you would playlists for your own local programming

and/or 2.

Encourage the producer to contact us to begin uploading playlist data for the show directly to NPR Digital Services

The latter is the best solution, since your station – and any others that stream the show – wouldn’t have to worry about collecting and submitting the show’s playlists each quarter. Instead, you can just add the show to your schedule grid in Composer Basic or Pro, mark it as a syndicated program, and then sit back, relax, and not worry about properly reporting the music played by that syndicated show.

While NPR Digital Services already collects playlists for many widely syndicated programs (not just music shows, either) as a service to make reporting easier for stations, please be aware that your station is ultimately responsible for reporting all of the music on your streams – and it is your station that could pay a very steep price for copyright infringement if the music on a syndicated program is not properly reported to SoundExchange.

So, if there are syndicated programs that you stream which (a) play music that needs to be reported to SoundExchange but (b) are not currently providing playlists to NPR Digital Services, contact the producers now to make sure the data comes to either you or us.