Required Update: Data Center Migration on September 14

Aug 30, 2017

A key element of bringing the Digital Services team down to headquarters in DC is physical migration of our technical operations for our DC-based team to manage ongoing maintenance and improvements.

As we plan to move our data center, including servers that support Core Publisher, a DNS update is required for ongoing functionality. For those stations whose DNS is handled by NPR Digital Services, we will complete the update for you. For those stations that manage their own DNS, say through a domain registrar like GoDaddy, a settings update is necessary.

Between now and September 15, these critical actions are required for stations that manage their own DNS:

  1. Locate the manager or provider of your DNS configuration to determine how updates are made.
  2. Provide update instructions to your DNS manager to be complete ONLY BETWEEN September 14- September 15, and neither before, nor after.

Failure to update your DNS on September 15 risks the functionality of your site, and could result in your site being down for a minimum of 48 hours, based not on NPR Digital Services updates, rather on the operational rules of DNS.

For those that make the update on September 15, we expect no interruption in service and will work with our local team for ongoing management of the data center.

If you have additional questions or concerns about these updates, contact our team through the Support Center.