Roadmap for Addressing Composer 2 Issues

Nov 11, 2013

Thank you for working with us while we address Composer 2 issues and remaining core features. Your feedback continues to help us identify those issues. We wanted to update you on our current priorities and our timeline for addressing your concerns.


Stations currently using Composer 2 have identified several defects that our development team is working to address.

Current Priorities

In addition to continuing our work on the syndicated playlist feature, the team will have addressed four key defects by November 21st

  • Duplicate programs being created when programs are edited in Composer 2
  • General Import / Export not responding
  • Daily Schedule playlist showing duplicates and conflicts
  • Album field not saving when entering playlist details manually

Additional Issues

Below is a list of the more critical issues that have been identified, prioritized and are being scheduled for development:

  • Album and Label fields not visible in admin tool or live widgets when entering playlist details through general import
  • Weekly Schedule bleeds into right rail
  • Affiliate links showing for iTunes & Amazon even if you have not entered an affiliate code
  • Episode Import not incorporating seconds
  • Episode Import not accepting CSV if the first song start time doesn’t match the start of the program
  • Hosts have no programs in dropdown on user edit screen

We intend to work through these issues over the course of the next two months and plan to have them all resolved by December 31st.

Keeping Stations Informed

We will continue to work through this list over the next 2 months, along with other known issues and new defects as they surface. We will send updates to stations every two weeks with information on the completed work and the progress being made on the known issues.

Please continue to submit tickets through our help center so we can assist you with troubleshooting these and any additional issues you experience:

We greatly appreciate your partnership and would like to thank you for your patience and understanding while we continue to improve your Composer 2 experience.

If you have additional questions about Composer 2 migration please contact your Station Relations Manager at