SAS Launches Improved Audio Downloads Measurement

Oct 16, 2018

Today, we are launching new and improved interactive reports and measurement technology for audio downloads - stations can now access the analytics that they need. Reliable and accurate measurement and analytics of audio downloads is critical to prove the value of your news, storytelling and podcasts.

For some time, the On-Demand Audio Reports in the Station Analytics System (SAS) did not fully meet stations’ needs, specifically around the level of data completion, accuracy, and reliability. As the most used feature in SAS, we prioritized overhauling the measurement infrastructure and reports in 2018.

The new reports are designed to greatly improve your audio measurement workflows and confidence in the data - the metrics are based on accredited measurement of audio downloads, and we are seeking certification from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).



Over the last six months, we have worked to improve the usability, data completeness, and reliability of the report by completely rebuilding it from the ground up.

Some of the most relevant and useful features are: 


Better Logic

We have greatly improved the logic for associating audio files to podcasts. As long as your audio files are tracked in RSS feeds that have been entered into StationConnect, they will be associated with the correct podcast. We can also retroactively associate audio that gets added to your feeds later.

Longer Date Range/ New Date Picker 

The number one complaint from the old dashboards was the inability to view longer histories and get complete data on your podcast performance over wider time ranges. For that reason, we’ve added a flexible date-picker that allows you to view results for any period of time going back to 8/1/2017. 

You can aggregate all trend charts metrics by day, week, or month. We’ve also retained the ability to download CSVs of the data, reflecting whatever parameters you’ve set at the top.


Easier to Find Program Episode Specific Data 

The new Programs and Episodes/Segments tables make finding the performance of specific podcasts or stories easier. You can search for an item, paginate through the list, and sort by any field in the table.


We’ve grouped audio files into 3 categories: Podcasts (by title), Station Newscasts, and Station Stories. You can drill down into each one of these to view a version of the dashboard specifically focused on that podcast or grouping by clicking on the name. Another feature is the ability to click any item in the Segments / Episodes table to listen to or download the audio file.

Find Platform Specific Data

For the first time, we offer the ability to measure the listening platforms driving the most downloads for your audio. At the bottom of the report, you’ll find charts identifying the most used platforms for downloading your audio files.


Industry-Standard Measurement Techniques (IAB)

Finally, our measurement process is designed to be compliant with industry-standard measurement techniques. We are seeking accreditation to be certified measurement providers according to Interactive Advertising Bureau v2 Guidelines. The goal of this effort is to give advertisers and grantmakers confidence in the download metrics you share from SAS. Once certification has been completed, we will provide more details.

Bonus Feature - Better Data in the Weekly Email 

The weekly email from SAS has been updated to incorporate the new audio download measurement methodology, although it’s format is unchanged.

Our hope is that the new reports will allow you to derive new insights about your audience with more reliability, usability, and confidence.

For a limited period of time, we will keep the older on-demand dashboards available and processing data to ensure continuity. Find the link to the old dashboards at the bottom of the Audio Downloads tab.


Visit our help center for new how-to articles including a detailed walkthrough of how to use the new reports. You can also reach out to our Station Support team by submitting a ticket.