Searching vs. Browsing Station API Content

Feb 21, 2013

Core Publisher sites now have the option to access content from other stations, however there are some limitations. While you can browse another station's content, you cannot search for it.

Unlike NPR API content, member station API content does not get indexed. Indexing is the practice of scanning and capturing parts of text that can later be searched against using keywords. Note that while member station content isn't currently being indexed, this might change in the future.

In order to browse station content you'll need to get the station's ORG ID.  Some member stations have already shared their ID and you can view the a list of those stations here. We highly recommend you contact any station that you plan on publishing content from before you do it. 

Once you have a station's ORG ID you can browse their headlines and choose which ones to publish. 

Here's how to do this in Core Publisher:

  1. Go to this URL:  <your site="" domain="">/admin/content/byOrgId
  2. Enter the ORG IDs you wish to browse. You can browse multiple ORG IDs by separating the IDs with a comma.
  3. View stories by clicking on the headline.
  4. Publish stories by clicking the “publish now” button at the bottom of the story preview.

Note: If a station prefers not to share their content, they can do so with permission settings. If you see an error message when publishing, you either do not have permission to access that station’s content or that station has not put any content in the API.