Setting up E-Commerce Tracking for Pledge

Oct 31, 2013

There are two parts to turning on E-Commerce Tracking:

#1 - Add Code to Your Pledge Form:

Special Google Analytics code needs to be added to your pledge confirmation page. The specifics of what code needs to be added depends on your pledge form and how it is coded, but in most cases it will capture information on what the transaction is, and how much money it represents, and send that information to your Google Analytics account.

If you do not have control over the code behind your pledge page, you should start by asking your vendor if they support e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics. Since Google Analytics is widely used, most major vendors should already be familiar with E-commerce tracking and be able to support you in enabling it.

Technical details for developers on implementing E-Commerce tracking is available from Google here:

When talking to the developer of your form, let them know we recommend the following:

  • Use Google Analytic’s “product category” parameter to track whether a pledge is a Sustaining or One time gift, and Google Analytic’s “Product” parameter to track the type of donation (as it is listed on your site ex. Membership renewal, New Member, Additional Gift, etc)
  • Premiums (mugs, tshirt, gift cards etc) can also be added as “products” but should have 0 (zero) revenue associated with them.
  • To use ecommerce tracking with the NPR Digital Services Station Analytics Tag, ask your vendor to replace the references to "_gaq.push" in the standard code with "_cptags.PushAll"

If you're using Quick Pledge, we've done this step for you. You can skip to step 2.

#2 Activate E-Commerce Tracking in Google Analytics:

Once the E-Commerce tracking code has been added to your confirmation page, you need to go into your Google Analytics account and turn on E-Commerce tracking in the “Admin” section under, “View Settings”

More on setting up E-Commerce tracking from Google Analytics:

Accessing E-Commerce Data:

Once both steps are complete you’ll be able to go into the “Conversions” section of your Google Analytics account to review your new E-Commerce data.

If you missed our webinar on Supercharging Your Pledge with Google Analytics, notes and slides are available here.