ShoutCast to IceCast Conversion for Webcast Metrics

Mar 15, 2013

NPR is undergoing a Webcast Metrics measurement project in order to move to a common system for measuring the larger digital audience. NPR Digital Services is facilitating this project by working with stations on setting up measurement accounts for all NPR Member Stations. Triton Digital was chosen as our vendor and partner in this process. It’s essential for stations to have accurate reporting of their streaming efforts to inform an understanding and analysis of streaming audience growth to make programming decisions and create new revenue opportunities.

To that end, one of the barriers in implementing Webcast Metrics has been that Ando Media/Triton Digital doesn’t support Shoutcast streaming implementations. Shoutcast has many different versions and may not be configurable for measurement within the Triton Digital systems.

Despite this limitation, we consider Webcast Metrics to be an essential element of Member Station analytics.  Webcast Metrics provides important information about streaming audiences to stations, NPR, the public radio system, and - as the only MRC-accredited streaming measurement service – to the radio industry.  

NPR Digital Services is therefore recommending a switch off of ShoutCast to IceCast.

Icecast is free, easy-to-install, and widely supported. The DS Operations team has prepared a guide for a typical conversion from Shoutcast to Icecast.  Additionally, Iowa Public Radio has prepared a guide/review of their experiences making the switch recently.

•    A general guide for Shoutcast to IceCast conversion

•    Iowa Public Radio’s experience converting from Shoutcast to Icecast (Windows 7)

If you run into any hurdles please submit a support ticket or call Jeff Burke at 617-622-5474.