Sign up for Webcast Metrics

Feb 26, 2013

With mobile and desktop streaming on the rise, it’s essential to know how many people are listening to support your revenue and audience goals.

 To initiate set up your stream measurement, please send an email to your streaming vendor to authorize NPR DS and Triton Media access to your log files.  Plus, request the access details to expedite the setup. Below is a list of what you will need your CDN to provide for us to complete the set up:

  • State your authorization to allow DS and Triton access to your log files to setup Webcast Metrics
  • HTTP URL from the streaming server to provide us with the number of current active listeners (to populate the real time stats). And ask your streaming provider to provide both the data logs and the live stats URL. Example:

Note: Please cc on your email request to your provider so we can track this step and get the FTP details in the reply.
 >> CLICK HERE to complete the set up form

Note: Once the set up is complete, stations must attend a training session to access the web-based reporting tool admin, create reports, and review activity. Your DS station relations colleague will work with you to set up training.