SMC Training: Creating and Customizing Emails

Oct 15, 2015

**Updated 2/02/2016**

Below is a recording of Saleforce Marketing Cloud Training #1 on creating and customizing emails:

Webinar slides (PDF)

Stations currently migrating to Salesforce Marketing Cloud should be working on these tasks:

1. Prep your Lyris segments that you need to move to SMC: Mapping the fields you're using in your existing list to create segments in Lyris will help you identify the fields that you need to have available in your new master list in SMC.

  1. Review our documentation on updating your master subscriber list in SMC.
  2. Identify the segments you are actively using in Lyris & the criteria used to build them.  TIP: Once you know which segments you want to move, view them inside email labs to make it easier to copy & paste the criteria used to generate them:
    1. Inside Lyris - Click the launch email labs link on the left
    2. Click on the name of the list the segment belongs to
    3. Click the segments link on the left
    4. Click on the edit button next to the segment to view the criteria used the generate it

    We recommend using this worksheet to help you keep track.

2. Upload a logo or Banner for your email sign-up page to your Banners folder in your Portfolio:

  1. Login at
  2. Hover over the Email button on the far left & click on the email link in the menu below
  3. Hover over the Content menu and click on Portfolio
  4. Expand the Portfolio folder in the left-hand column and click on the Banners folder
  5. Click on the blue “Upload Portfolio Button” in the top right of the main content area
  6. Drag & Drop image, or click “browse to add” button to navigate to your image file.
  7. Click the close button in the bottom right
  8. Let us know the name of the file you uploaded. We’ll add it to you email sign up page.

Tips: Images should be 200KB or less.
If you don’t have a banner, upload a logo for now.

2. Copy an NPR template to your emails folder & test customizing the content

  1. Login at
  2. Hover over the Email button on the far left & click on the email link in the menu below
  3. Hover over the Content menu and click on Emails
  4. Click on the plus symbol next to your “My Emails” folder to expand it
  5. Click on the “NPRDS Email Templates” folder – you will see a list of email templates appear in the main content area of the page
  6. Check the box to the left of the email template you want to try to customize and click the “Copy” button at the top
  7. Give it a name & a subject (you can always edit it later)
  8. In the Location Field – Click the “Select” button and select your “My Emails” folder and click OK
  9. Click the “Save” button at the top of the form.

3. Customize content blocks & do a test send

  1. When you save a copy of an NPR DS template, it will open ready for you to make edits
  2. Click on content blocks to customize:
    • Clear content – deletes all the content in that block. You will see an empty space while editing an email, but you will not see empty space when the email is sent
    • Lock content prevents that content from being edited – This is most useful for content you want to stay the same from email to email
    • Modify content opens a content editor window that will let you customize the content currently in that block
    • Store content in library, will let you save the content you just customized as a content block you can use in the future
  3. Try clicking Modify content, to work with content using the NPR DS content blocks:
    • Right-click on an image and select “image properties” to swap in a new image
    • Right-click on a link and select “link properties” to edit the URL
    • Edit text (if pasting text from elsewhere, make sure to copy from a plain text editor, like Notepad)
    • Click the preview tab in the upper right to preview how the email will render, and click on the HTML tab to get back to the edit view
    • Send a test email by opening the “Send” menu at the top of the email and selecting, “test send”