SMC Training: Managing Lists

Oct 23, 2015

**Updated 2/09/16**

Below is a recording of Salesforce Marketing Cloud training #2 on managing lists:

Webinar slides (PDF)

Stations currently migrating to Salesforce Marketing Cloud should be working on the following tasks:

1. Prep your Lyris segments that you need to move to SMC: Mapping the fields you're using in your existing list to create segments in Lyris will help you identify the fields that you need to have available in your new master list in SMC.

  1. Review our documentation on updating your master subscriber list in SMC.
  2. Identify the segments you are actively using in Lyris & the criteria used to build them.  TIP: Once you know which segments you want to move, view them inside email labs to make it easier to copy & paste the criteria used to generate them:
    1. Inside Lyris - Click the launch email labs link on the left
    2. Click on the name of the list the segment belongs to
    3. Click the segments link on the left
    4. Click on the edit button next to the segment to view the criteria used the generate it

    We recommend using this worksheet to help you keep track.

2. Test exporting and importing the NPR DS test list from SMC

  1. Log in to SMC, click on EMAIL, hover over the SUBSCRIBERS menu then click on DATA EXTENSIONS.
  2. In the menu on the left, expand the MY DATA EXTENSIONS folder and click on the ONE TIME LISTS folder.
  3. Check the box next to the NPR DS TEST SEND LIST and click the EXPORT button at the top.
  4. In the window that opens, adjust the filename if needed, select BROWSER DOWNLOAD under Delivery location then hit EXPORT at the bottom.
  5. Open the file that downloads and add your name and email.  Save as a .CSV in a convenient location.
  6. Back in SMC, check the box next to the NPR DS TEST SEND List again and click the IMPORT button at the top.
  7. Browse to the file you just edited, and hit NEXT. 
  8. Select MAP MANUALLY and review the MAP FIELDS options
  9. Review and enter an email address to be notified of any import errors & Import
  10. Confirm you receive a confirmation email (any errors will be attached)

3. Send an email via a GUIDED SEND to the NPR DS test list:

  1. In SMC, go to EMAIL, then click on EMAILS in the CONTENT Menu
  2. Check the box next to the email you wish to send, then open the send menu and select GUIDED SEND
  3. Click through the send wizard: On the second screen, make sure you select the DATA EXTENSIONS radio button at the top, and open the DATA EXTENSIONS folder to navigate to your test send list. Skip the Exclusions & Suppressions screen for now, confirm the Subject Line and Sender Profile on the 4th screen (for test sends, you may also wish to check the box to "suppress this send from reports").  Finally, confirm whether you want to send the email immediately or later. 

    On the final screen, you will need to check the box at the bottom to confirm the information is correct before you can hit SEND.

4. Create a Filtered Data Extension from one of your Lyris segments:

  1. Confirm which field(s) on your Data Extension (list) you will need to generate the Filtered Data Extension.  NOTE - You can only use fields that already exist on your Data Extension.  Let us know if you need a field added to our standard Master Data Extension list. 
  2. In SMC, go to EMAIL, then select DATA FILTERS in the SUBSCRIBERS menu, and click on CREATE near the top of the main content area.
  3. Give your Data Filter a name that will help you understand what that group of contacts is for.
  4. Choose "Data Extensions" as your data source, then navigate to the Data Extension you will be pulling contacts from.  This will populate the available fields to select from.
  5. Select the field and filtering criteria needed, then hit SAVE at the top.

5. Let us know what Sender Profile(s) you need.  This is the from name you want available with the reply-to email address you'd like it paired with.

Helpful Links:

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