Spotlight on KALW, KCUR, and WFAE, Plus Knight Training Highlights

Mar 19, 2014

In this month’s newsletter, you’ll hear about how KALW, KCUR and WFAE are using radio, social media and their local community to tell stories, highlights from our final Knight Foundation conference and take a peek into Jesse Thorn's digital life. Have something to share for next month? Let us know – email or tweet us a hello @NPRDS.

Station Spotlight

Credit poster designed by Rich Black

KALW's Sonic Tour of the Bay Area
Audiograph is a crowd-sourced project that maps the sounds of Northern California’s nine counties. Each week, KALW plays a sound on the air and online that was recorded somewhere in the Bay Area. Listeners and web visitors then guess the answer. At the end of the week, the origin of the sound is revealed.

Credit KCUR

Tell KCUR - On-air or Online

The Kansas City station launched the project "Tell KCUR" that aims to capture their community’s experiences and opinions. KCUR asks questions and then curates the answers – on everything from getting out of speeding tickets to living without health insurance.

WFAE's #FacesofCLT

#FacesOfCLT is an Instagram collaboration between WFAE and Charlotte Magazine. Inspired by the photoblog Humans of NY, WFAE photographs Charlotteans on the street.  The resulting portraits are intimate glimpses into the lives of their neighbors. Audiences can also submit their own #FacesOfCLT by using the hashtag on Instagram or Twitter.

WAFE is also behind the hugely successful quiz Which Public Radio Host Are You? Social Media Producer Katie Herzog storified some of the results, including ones from Ira Glass, Glynn Washington, Peter Sagal, and Audie Cornish.

Final Knight Training Update

We hosted 19 stations at our final round of Knight Foundation funded training last month. Stations worked on projects that focused on harnessing their audience to tell better stories and connect with their community. Here are a few highlights:

 KUOW launched its Local Wonder project, which answers crowd-sourced questions from the Seattle community. The first callout resulted in more than 80 questions from Seattleites. This project was inspired by WBEZ's "Curious City."

What six words define southern identity? GPB asked their audience to answer with #6WordsFromaSoutherner on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Facebook and more. They've already received hundreds of submissions, including from other stations in the south, and are now exploring the common themes that have come up.

What lingering questions do Floridians have about the Affordable Care Act with the sign-up deadline around the corner? WUSF reached out to curious people via Twitter, Tumblr, radio and local events. WUSF will post answers to their new Understanding Obamacare Tumblr site