Spotlight on WVPB & WBUR, Workflow from NHPR & KUNC and Training Updates

Feb 26, 2014

In this month’s newsletter you’ll hear about our final Knight-funded conference, how West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s digital transformation helped them cover a massive water crisis, learn about the daily workflows of NHPR’s Brady Carlson and KUNC’s Erin O’Toole, and take a peek into the digital life of KPLU’s Martha Kang. Have something to share for next month? Let us know – email or tweet us a hello @NPRDS.

West Virginia Public Broadcasting Shares Lessons from Water Crisis Coverage

Credit West Virginia National Guard Public Affairs/Flickr

When thousands of gallons of a chemicals spilled into a river impacting over 300,000 people in West Virginia this January, West Virginia Public Broadcasting provided comprehensive coverage across platforms. The coverage didn't come out of thin air, though. Before the spill, the newsroom participated in digital news training, launched a new website, and hired a digital editor. Digital Editor Dave Mistich shares lessons from what worked and what didn't from their coverage of the Elk River Chemical Spill. For more on what worked for the staff, click here.

WBUR CommonHealth Scores a Big Win With Solid Health Reporting

Credit photofarmer/Flickr

The Dark Side of Kale (And How to Eat Around It) from WBUR’s CommonHealth blog set an all-time record for stories we track (largest number of pageviews of any story in the history of the SAS Station Content Rollup.) But let’s not get caught up with numbers. Read this piece (and it’s follow-up) and you’ll see why chart-topping stories can emerge from serious, well-sourced reporting that goes deeper than other media. Serious stories resonate with your digital audience. Can you do this? We bet you can.

Final Knight Training 

Credit Todd Mundt/NPR

We hosted 19 stations (Capital Public Radio, GPB, IPR, KCUR, KERA, KUOW, KUT, Michigan Radio, NHPR, St. Louis Public Radio, VPR, WAMU, WILL, WLRN, WNPR, WNYC, WUSF, WUWM & WVPB) for our final round of Knight-funded training. Stations will work on projects that focus on harnessing your audience to tell better stories and connect with your community. If you want to follow their progress check out the hashtag #NPRKnight on Twitter.

This month, we spotlight the workflow of local Morning Edition and All Things Considered hosts. In between newscasts and forward promotions, we found two hosts who are using Twitter to create a two-channel experience for listeners. NHPR's ATC host Brady Carlson and KUNC's Erin O'Toole talked with us about how they engage their local audience in the digital space and how they balance that work with their on air demands.

Erin O’Toole, Morning Edition Host, KUNC
Brady Carlson, ATC Host, NHPR