Spring 2015 Security Upgrades to QuickPledge

Apr 29, 2015

As part of our routine security review of the QuickPledge platform, NPR Digital Services will be making some updates to the platform to improve security that will change the way you access the admin panel and access to encrypted files. We are committed to staying current with industry expectations, even as we migrate off this platform to our new DS Marketing Forms, powered by Springboard.

We will be holding a webinar in May to walk stations through some minor workflow changes for logging into the QuickPledge admin panel, plus some new rules that will be applied to all user accounts.

What you can expect…

System wide resetting of user accounts and passwords. This will purge any old accounts from the system to make sure only necessary users have access to your account. Individuals must have their own user account to access the system.

Two-factor authentication when logging into the administration panel. When logging into the admin panel you will need a special access code in addition to your username and password to successfully access the admin panel. We will be gathering your mobile phone numbers to set up your ability to receive the access codes via text.

New password rules. Passwords will need to be a minimum of 7 characters, must include at least one number and one letter. The system will require each account to update passwords every 90 days starting from when we reset the account.

Account disabling for failed log in attempts. After 6 failed attempts to log into the admin panel, the system will lock the user out and disable the account. Users will need to contact NPR Digital Services to unlock and enable the account.

No more encrypted emails. We will provide access to download this file from within the administration panel, similar to how users pull reports.

Thank you for your attention to these changes. Stay tuned for an invite to an upcoming webinar where we will walk through each of these updates with your staff.