Sprint Release Notes 8/14/2013

Aug 14, 2013

Thanks to your participation, our updated approach to Composer 2 Migration is in full swing.  We're excited to launch our first cycle live in Composer 2 next week!  With this cycle, we're also happy to announce the launch of several new features.

During this sprint we have made the following updates:
•    edit start time and added flexibility in playlist entry
•    multi day import functionality
•    export ability
•    create and manage host accounts

See additional details below.

Editing Playlists
We've made it even easier to build and edit playlists.
•    Hosts Can Now Edit Start Times & Breaks Will Be Added Automatically

  1. You must have more than one song in your playlist
  2. Edit start time of the appropriate song & click "Save"

You will see a break has been added between your first and second song

•    New "Add Current Time" Buttons Available When Your Show is Airing

  1. When Searching  - During your show's air time, your results will now include an "Add Now" button.  This button will add the song into your playlist with the current time.  You can click the "+" sign if you want the song added based on your program air time instead.
  2. When Manually Adding Songs - During your show's air time, when you add a song manually you'll see an "Add Now" button.
  3. When Editing Song Already in Your Playlist - If you have already added a song to your playlist and want to update the start time to show the current time.  Click on the "Edit" button next to the appropriate song.  You'll see a new button,, "Insert Current Time" next to the start time.  Click this button.

Multi Day Import & Export

You can now import and export weeks of playlist data at one time.
•    New import tool lets you upload up to two weeks of playlist data at one time.
•    New import tool is compatible with Composer Pro's playlist export format, so migrating playlists is a breeze.
•    Export tool lets you download playlist data for reports.

Station Settings/User Control
Station admins have more control with a new settings page.
•    Change your username/password.
•    Add iTunes/Amazon/Arkiv affiliate codes for your streams.
•    Manage host accounts for your streams.

If you have any questions about Composer 2 migration or  feature plans, please contact your Station Relations Manager at info@ds.npr.org.

Thank you!
Janeen Williamson