Station Analytics Fall 2019 Updates

Nov 12, 2019

Since the team launched the new NPR One Dashboards in August, we've been hard at work making improvements. Over the past few months, we've made a few minor tweaks to make the dashboards easier to read. Today we're rolling out some more noticeable changes that we want to highlight for you.

Starting today, you'll find some new features on the dashboard, including:

  • Data on NPR One listening from Alexa's NPR One Skill and other platforms
  • A display change where data will be "grayed-out" until a story or podcast has gotten enough listens for the data to be considered valid
  • Updates to terminology and definitions of the types of users measured and what the metrics mean

We're excited to roll out these changes for you on Station Analytics.

Platform Listening Data (with Alexa NPR One Skill, ‘Play the News')

Based on your feedback and requests, we are excited to deliver more data on the NPR One listening that's happening on ‘Play the News,' on Alexa's NPR One Skill and other platforms.

Previous charts included data for listening on the mobile apps. Now, you will see new charts on the overview page that break out the number of listens and average completion for newscasts and station stories on additional platforms, including Alexa's NPR One Skill, the web app at and others. (Note, the ‘Other Platforms' category consists of NPR One for Xbox and NPR One for Amazon Fire TV.)

In addition, we have also added new pie charts to show you which platforms your audience is listening on.

Listening Threshold Visualization

In tables displaying Average Completion Versus Expected (ACvE), you'll now see the metrics for station stories "grayed out" when there are fewer than 100 listens, and the metrics for podcasts "grayed out" under 200 listens. This is to provide a better sense of when a story or podcast episode has a credible amount of data to be a significant factor in evaluating the performance of your content.

For example, the ACvE of a story with only 2 listens is not reliable as this is an non-significant sample; however, the ACvE of a story with 200 listens is a reliable indicator of its performance.

Clear Terminology & New Definitions

Finally, we have added a few definitions at the bottom of the Overview report to help clarify the reports:

  • Station Users/Users Localized to Your Station: Users who have been localized to your station or have chosen your station within the NPR One app.
  • All Users: All users, regardless of which station they are localized to, who listened to your audio.
  • Listeners/Active Users: Listeners who not only visited the app but also played audio.
  • ACvE is "Average Completion Versus Expected", a comparison of Average Completion of a story, podcast or newscast to content of similar lengths. It is useful for comparing pieces of audio of different lengths to one another.

We hope all of these updates make the dashboards even more useful to you and your station.

If you have any further questions or want to read more, visit our Help Center.