For stations, more listening leads to a larger loyal website audience

Sep 19, 2017

In the past our analysis has looked at user behavior to try and understand how different users interact with content and what drives them to return. In the September 2017 webinar we took a look at how station strategies play a role in the size of their loyal website audience (users who visit 3 or more times in a month). Here are 3 things we discovered:

Stations with the largest percentage of loyal audience had high engagement with streams.  Ten stations with the highest percentage of loyal users all saw levels of double the average station. These stations varied in traffic sources and levels of reading, but all saw higher than average stream engagement.  

Social media drives new users, but also supports increased loyal audience.  Looking at data for over 200 stations, showed a loose positive correlation between increased social media traffic and larger loyal audience. This means that social media can be effective at reaching a new audience and also at reengaging our existing audience.

Email and other active strategies offer opportunities to engage audience with written content. Social media and search drive reading, but have lower retention from week to week. To encourage a reading habit we can use email and push notifications to market new content to our current audience. From gentle reminders, to breaking news updates, the methods can help our audience to find time for the unique content our stations have to offer.

To learn more, watch the full September 2017 webinar and download slides.