Streaming Portions of Syndicated Programs

Apr 1, 2011

Does your station regularly air or stream only portions of a multi-hour syndicated program and, if so, have you ever wondered how you can get the correct playlists integrated into your SoundExchange reports? Well,wonder no more!

We’ve recently added the functionality to specify which hours of a syndicated program you air or stream. If we receive playlists from the show producer, we’ll then be able to integrate the proper subset of the show playlist into your quarterly SoundExchange reports and (if you’re a Composer Pro client) into your online Program Guide.

Wanna see how to do that? Sure, you do! So, let’s give it a try…

Let’s say that you stream the second hour of UnderCurrents on Wednesday from noon to 1:00pm. First thing to do is go to Create/Edit Program Guide and create the entry for UnderCurrents Wednesday at noon for an hour, being sure to choose it from the list of syndicated programs under Program, like so:

So, now UnderCurrents is in your guide and associated with the playlists that they provide directly to NPR Digital Services. Yay! Problem is, you air the second hour of the show but, by default, our system assumes that you start the show at the beginning and so the playlist we assign to that hour are for the first hour of the show.

What to do?

Here’s what you can now do to rectify this: go to Create/Edit A Playlist, which brings you to the Playlist Manager screen. Scroll down to Wednesday at noon and click on the Choose a different syndicated playlisticon there for UnderCurrents:

That’ll bring you to the following screen:

You may already be familiar with this screen, as it allows you to choose the specific episode of a syndicated program that you aired on a given date. Now, though, if you scroll to the bottom of the screen you’ll see:

This is where you can specify that you start the show with the second hour. Choose the hour of the show you start with, then pick the associated show episode and bingo! You’re now good to go.