Three Case Studies on Digital Workflow from StateImpact [VIDEO]

Feb 8, 2013

A screenshot of a StateImpact story that utilized multiple reporters at one event to produce several stories.

Each person or newsroom's workflow is their own. And it's all about finding a comfort zone to balance the demands of on-air with online. One of the great examples of that balance is the work being done in eight states by over 25 reporters in the StateImpact project. Christopher Swope, who serves as the Editorial Coordinator for StateImpact, joined us to walk through three case studies where reporters hit their stride in producing great content for digital and radio without feeling overwhelmed. 

The case studies that Christopher discusses are:
1. From breaking news to long-term synthesis--How a quick blog post can turn into a months-long story.
2. Covering events as a team--Using multiple reporters to produce extra content from one event.
3. Content=promotion=content--This is a look at how stories can go between radio and digital for a longer life.

And before you start the video, check out Christopher's three points of workflow wisdom:
1. Don't be afraid to experiment — but read your analytics closely when you do.
2. Copy Editing matters.
3. Some of what you do as a digital reporter should be like Wikipedia--in other words, open up your reporting to other sources and your audience.


Workflow with Chris Swope (Feb 6 2013) from NPR Digital Services on Vimeo.