Three Things We Learned From Our #Showschat On Public Radio Shows Digital Strategy

Mar 27, 2014

NHPR's Word Of Mouth host Virginia Prescott at her desk before our #ShowsChat.
Credit Maureen McMurray/NHPR

Recently, we teamed up with Jody Avirgan of WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show, and Maureen McMurray and Taylor Quimbly of NHPR's Word of Mouth, to hold a Twitter chat for producers to share and discuss digital strategies for public radio shows. 

Here are some highlights from our conversation: 

Everyone is working on finding the right balance on social media:

When looking at the challenges shows are facing, fighting the temptation to be on every social media platform is a big one. As tempting as it may be to jump on the newest platform, it's important to know your limits, and the time constraints of your staff. St. Louis Public Radio producer Alex Heuer put it best, "I'd rather do two well, than five mediocre." 

The dream is to keep the conversation going on and off air: 

Across the board, everyone is eager, "to reach audiences beyond the signal," as Word of Mouth producer Maureen McMurray put it. And while no one had a perfect, one-size fits all solution, experimentation is central to Word of Mouth and The Brian Lehrer Show's plans of action. Playing with different platforms, different methods of engagement, or forms of presenting and sharing your content, can help your conversation reach new audiences. 

Don't let being an audio perfectionist stop you from quickly posting a great clip: 

When it comes to getting sound up online - Taylor noted, "producers are the harshest critics when it comes to music selection and transitions." Don't let your desire for a perfect fade or incredible production quality slow you down if you have a great piece of audio to share. Your audience will appreciate timely audio and information more than a perfectly produced clip. 

Bonus: Panoramas are a great way to show off your workspace! 

Credit Jody Avirgan


Here's a look at our full conversation: 

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