Training Updates from KNAU, KAZU & Michigan Radio and Upcoming Webinars on Instagram and Tumblr

Jul 16, 2014

Happy summer! We have a lot to share with you this month including great advice from KERA Digital News Editor Eric Aasen, highlights from recent visits to KNAU, KAZU and Michigan Radio, and stories out of KUT and WESA. Do you have a story we should spotlight next month? Let us know by emailing us at Or just email to say hi, we like that a lot, too.


KUT Web-Only Audio Goes Viral
If you want to sound like an Austinite, you have to know the correct way to pronounce local street names and landmarks. KUT's Matt Largey and Wells Dunbar explore "Austin-correct" in this audio explainer: How to Sound Like You're From Austin (in 90 Seconds). The post became one of KUT's most popular stories of all time and the audio clip has more than 32,000 listens. KUT is part of our social audio experiment.

WESA’s Video Portrait ‘Personifies the Pittsburgh Spirit’

Credit Ryan Loew/WESA

The story of third-generation ironworker Al Williams is a compelling peek into Pittsburgh and the ironworker trade. WESA digital editor Ryan Loew produced the video; "my idea was to combine two types of stories I like producing — stories that take viewers to otherwise unreachable places and character profiles.” Videos typically take more time and planning, but sometimes it is worth the extra effort.

News You Can Use During Tick Season

Credit CDC

Some of the most popular stories from stations this summer are simple tips on preventing tick bites, and what to do if bitten. A story by WBUR’s CommonHealth blog is even in the top search results when you Google “tick season.” What WBUR and other station stories have in common is their utility. These types of posts are often popular and can be posted again when the issue re-emerges. As Michigan Radio did when they re-shared their evergreen post from last year, and saw a big spike in traffic. 

The Three Audiences to Serve During Breaking News(And How They Can Also Help Newsrooms)
Having a framework for thinking about your audience in emergency situations can help shape the content you create and prioritize. In this blog post, get a closer look at the three types of audiences for breaking news we’ve identified: Impacted, Nearby and Peripheral. To learn more about breaking news coverage at member stations, also be sure to check out the webinars on breaking news handbooks and crisis coverage for lean newsrooms.

New Audio Production Coach Works with KNAU and KAZU Reporters

Credit Kim Perry/NPR
KNAU in Flagstaff, Ariz. and KAZU in Monterey, Calif. recently took part in a beta version of a new audio-focused intensive training program with the coaching team’s newest member Cindy Carpien. (You may recognize Cindy’s name – she has been in public radio since nearly the beginning of Morning Edition.) Check out one of the stories here, KNAU reporter Ryan Heinsius’s first ever major radio feature on Coconino Country's emergency plan.

 Working with Shows on Digital, Social and Content Strategies Director of Editorial Coaching and Development Kim Perry and Digital News Trainers Ki-Min Sung and Teresa Gorman spent time at Michigan Radio working with the station’s daily show Stateside With Cynthia Canty on coverage plans and digital strategy. This work is part of an effort to provide more show-specific training in person and online for stations.

Thank You For Sharing Your Thanks With the Knight Foundation

Credit Teresa Gorman/NPR
In 2012, the Knight Foundation awarded a $1.5M grant to NPR in support of its efforts to expand the digital news capacity of NPR and NPR member stations. We invited the 827 participants of this training to participate in a day of thanks on Twitter. Here are some of the highlights. A huge thank you to all of you that shared your thanks with the Knight Foundation. They loved it. So did we.

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