Training Updates, Meet Eric Athas and Election Coverage Success

Nov 14, 2012


Hello.  By now you know that each month we provide a 'best hits' of station spotlights from our blog, a quick look at trainings you can join this month and a behind-the-scenes look at the team.

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Credit Mallory Benedict/PBS NewsHour/Flickr

Station Spotlight: Voter Guides Boost Traffic, Provide Valuable Service 

One clear success for stations this election season – voter guides. Explaining ballot initiatives and introducing candidates were a sure way to get noticed – even before election day. Stations across the system (WAMU, Michigan Radio, KQED) saw record traffic to their guides. Read more about what made station election coverage stand out.

The Team

Meet Digital News Specialist Eric Athas.

Three daily must reads:
Slate, The Atlantic and The Verge

Three accounts you'd pay to follow on Twitter 
The Nieman Journalism Lab: @NiemanLab
New York Times reporter David Carr: @carr2n
ESPN reporter Adam Schefter: @adamschefter

Three guilty pleasures online
Gawker, Reddit and BuzzFeed. All three are often meaningful and useful, but I think they're still considered guilty pleasures.

First thing you check in the morning/Last thing you check at night
In the morning I check my e-mail first, then go to Twitter to get a sense of what's happening in the world. At night it's usually a combination of Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

Favorite news consumption time saver 
Tweetdeck on my laptop, the Twitter app on my iPhone and Instapaper everywhere.

Your go-to local news sources
Twitter, Twitter and Twitter. WBUR and WGBH for local news listening.

Three must listen podcasts
This American Life, 99% Invisible and the B.S. Report for sports.

Credit Knight Digital News Training

Training Update
We are more than halfway through our fall 11-Week Intensive Training. We’ve covered metrics and audience behavior, writing for the web and best practices for photography and video.  We just kicked off our three-week module on social media. Want to follow along, or be part of the conversation? Use hashtag #NPRKnight on Twitter.

We have 30 openings for stations interested in next year’s 11-Week Intensive Trainings. We’re taking applications through Nov 15.

Sessions start on Jan. 9, March 20 and May 20.

Upcoming Webinars

Don’t have the time to travel or spend a week with us? Fear not, we bring training to the comfort of your desktop.

Nov 15, 11-12pm ET: How To Make the Most of Your Station’s Facebook and Twitter Pages

Nov 19, 2-3pm ET: KUNC Reporter Kirk Siegler on Using Social Media in Reporting

Nov 28, 2-3pm ET: What Types of Local Content Trigger Engagement

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming webinars on our blog, and email us ideas for topics you would like to see covered.