Training Updates, Meet Will Snyder and St. Louis Public Radio's Digital Collaboration

Sep 14, 2012

We're back with our second newsletter.  Each month we will provide a 'best hits' of station spotlights from our blog, a quick look at trainings you can join this month and a behind-the-scenes look at the team.  (Last month's newsletter.) 


Station Spotlight – St. Louis and “Beyond November”

Partnerships abound this election season. St. Louis Public Radio is experimenting with Beyond November, a digital collaboration with St. Louis Beacon and Nine Network of Public Media.

Beyond November is a one-stop shop for St. Louis election resources and guides, community conversation, and reporting on local issues. The collaboration will continue beyond the election – following local politicians into office and issues approved by voters.

Join us for a conversation with News Director Bill Raack and Web/Social Media Producer Kelsey Proud to hear more about how they utilize the partnership in their election coverage at St Louis Public Radio, on October 4 at 1 p.m. ET.

Register here.

Credit Teresa Gorman

The Team

Allow us a moment to introduce ourselves.

Meet our newest team member,Will Snyder.

You ride the train from Providence to Boston every day. That means a lot of reading, right?

Yes. I'm trying to read a novel in the morning and a non-fiction book on the way home. So last week it was Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner in the a.m. and The Long Way by Bernard Moitessier in the p.m.

Is there time for anything else on the train?

I'm using flash cards to brush up on mi Español (see what I did there?) and to learn more names of plants (horticulture nerd).

Plants? So you're a gardener. What's your favorite plant to grow?

Snap peas

Any other hobbies?

No. None. Train, work, garden, sleep. That's it. Though sometimes I do things like refinish furniture, sail or hike.

Favorite food?

Hmm, more of a style than a specific food. I like braised things. And being a Southerner, I am unable to resist anything that is deep-fried. Seriously, anything. Try me.

What's on your phone's home screen?

A picture of one of my hound dogs chasing a tractor. 

Favorite app on said home screen?

Anything that plays the radio or music like TuneIn Radio, Downcastor Google Music.

Favorite podcast?

I have two favorites right now, the Moth and Here's the Thing. And sort of podcast-related that I like, are the video bits Jerry Seinfeld is doing called "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee."

Favorite NPR show or personality? 

Guy Raz's run on Weekend All Things Considered is fantastic.

Welcome to the team Will.

Eric at KUOW
Credit Kim Perry

Training Update

We’ll launch our next 11-Week Intensive Training in September with 10 stations. This is our second group in the Knight Foundation supported training initiative – just five more training sessions left!

It’s not too soon to be thinking about next year. We have 30 openings for stations interested in next year’s 11-Week Intensive Training. We’re taking applicationsthrough Oct. 15. Sessions start: Jan. 9, March 20 and May 20.

Credit Mallory Benedict/PBS NewsHour/Flickr

Upcoming Webinars

Don’t have the time to travel or spend a week with us? Fear not, we bring training to the comfort of your desktop (pajamas not required).  In keeping with the elections theme, make sure to save the date for the following elections themed webinars. We’ll offer tips, resources and ideas on topics ranging from content partnerships to live blogging the news.  

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming webinars on our blog, and email us ideas for topics you would like to see covered.