Unveiling the Station Analytics System

Oct 26, 2012


New Station Analytics System

We're excited to announce the launch of a new Digital Services offering: Station Analytics. Its purpose is to provide stations the best business intelligence on your site and your streams, so you can measure your digital performance, benchmark your progress against other stations, and discover insights that support your decision making for all things digital.


The Station Analytics system provides:

  • Aggregated metrics from multiple sources. It's one-stop shopping to see data on your site (via Google Analytics), your streams (via Triton Webcast Metrics), and your social presence (Facebook and Twitter).
  • Accurate, comprehensive data everyone can trust. We provide best-of-breed site tagging to ensure that you're getting reliable data. We've built cross-domain tracking and event tracking into the system, providing data that isn't easy to get from the default Google Analytics setup.
  • An experience tailored for public media. Unlike Google Analytics, which can be overwhelming, our system emphasizes the metrics that are most important for public media stations. 
  • Comparisons that give context. When all you have is a metric in isolation, it's difficult to know if your numbers are good or bad. We're providing the ability to compare your metrics to other stations like you.
  • The easy way to deploy and maintain. Go to Station Analytics, enter details about your station and sites, put a simple line of code on your pages, and you won't have to touch that code again. 

The new site tagging is now live and ready to use, and the dashboards and reports are coming early next year. To hear more about what the Station Analytics system provides and how it works, watch the video below. Then get started by registering at analytics.nprstations.org. If you have questions about entering your information, check out these instructions.


View the recorded webinar:

DS Station Analytics System Launch and Update from NPR Digital Services on Vimeo.

View the Powerpoint Presentation