Update to the HTTPS Transition for Streams and Podcasts

Jan 4, 2017

Since we last spoke about the HTTPS transition across the NPR network, we’ve been hard at work preparing NPR systems for this migration, as well as working to outline and ease this transition for all of our Member stations.

We have some great news to share: On the NPR side, while we’ve long handled user data securely, such as registration and login, we’ve now expanded that mission for more data we serve. That data includes podcast feeds, NPR.org, NPR One, our APIs and news apps, and more. On NPR.org, we’ve begun serving major parts of pages through HTTPS – audio, images and scripts.

We are taking similar steps for our Digital Services products. Today, both the Station Analytics System and StationConnect products are already secure. And we are well underway to a secure Composer 2. If you already have transitioned your website to HTTPS, you will soon be able to incorporate Composer 2 seamlessly without browser warnings.​

Further, if you are streaming with Triton, your stream URL has already been secured and will be updated for you in StationConnect. If you are a Core Publisher user, your Podcast URLs are now secure and will be updated for you in StationConnect, as well as available for you to update across third party providers.

What are your next steps:

As we mentioned via email, after several conversations with Apple, clarifying issues for our network, the January 1, 2017 has been extended. However, we are continuing to work towards this timeline because securing URLs and podcasts is critical and will be required from Apple in the short term. We’ve outlined next steps and implications for both podcasts and streams in two NPR Digital Services Support Center articles:

What you need to know about securing your podcasts

What you need to know about securing your streams

As of December 15, no new podcasts or streams that are insecure will be able to be updated in StationConnect. As you work to update your podcasts and streams, those existing in StationConnect will still function across NPR platforms. But, Apple’s upcoming requirements mean that secure podcast and streams will soon be required for continued functionality so we urge you to devote time and attention to this important transition. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to submit a ticket