Use Your Resources Wisely by Aggregating Local, Relevant Stories [VIDEO]

Feb 22, 2013

Aggregation can mean a lot of things. For us, it means just another way to use your resources wisely as you go through a day reporting on your community online and on-air.

Use aggregation to cover stories that are important to your community without redoing all the work other local news organizations are doing.

In this webinar we covered tactics to use this to your advantage, including finding photos and videos online. Here are a few important points to remember:

5 Things to Remember for an Aggregated Post

  • Source is named
  • Source is linked to
  • Quoted text looks different from your own text (For example, italicized or a block quote, etc)
  • Use no more than 200 words from the source
  • Don't break up the text or quotes from the original story

Five Reasons to Aggregate:

  • The story has local relevance and your audience is interested in it
  • You can add context or move the story forward
  • Someone is doing an excellent job covering a locally relevant story
  • You don't have the resources or reporters on the scene
  • You discover a story from another source

We also covered how to find photos on Flickr under the Creative Commons license, and ways to make Google News and YouTube work for you when searching for locally relevant videos.


Finding the Image, Story or Video You Need by Aggregating Content from nprdigital